From Gabriel Rosenstock’s Judgement Day: Haiku, Senryu & Other Useless Utterings (2016)

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Steve Willey’s wonderful and ethically-engaged documentary poetry collection Living In: Creative Solidarities in Palestine. Don’t let the word ‘documentary’ turn you off. This is visceral poetry of the highest standard from a powerful, enargaeic poetic voice that will provoke epiphanies, flip your stomach and shift the ground beneath your feet.

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Steve Willey’s Living In is a powerful statement of engagement and solidarity with the Palestinians. Having studied and become acquainted with many Palestinians, Willey has an understanding of their profound grievances. In prose and poems steeped in his knowledge of Palestinian literature, he highlights their predicament of suffering under Israeli occupation, as well as the ongoing complicity of imperial powers.

—Atef Alshaer

Steve Willey does what every brave poet should do: confront history. Here is a genuine poet and intellectual who defies British colonial history, and colonial Zionism in Palestine today. In his collection, Willey not only writes from a place of solidarity, but mainly as a poet who lived part of the Palestinian experience and has become one of its faithful witnesses. In these darkest times, there are voices that transcend borders, and there is no doubt that Willey is one of the most credible and sincerest.

—Najwan Darwish 

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