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The Onslaught Press is a small, independent publishing house based in east Oxford. We’ve been publishing for three years now and putting out about ten books a year. At the beginning, the plan was to focus on academic monographs and picture books but very quickly (mostly thanks to the steady flow of excellent manuscripts we receive) we found ourselves specializing in poetry and haiku. So far we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of international writers including Irish poets Gabriel Rosenstock, Tadhg Ó Caoinleáin and Cathal Ó Searcaigh, Scottish haiku master John McDonald, Paris-based Pittsburgh jazzman-poet Moe Seager, Nepalese haikuist Janak Sapkota, Cumbrian poet Alan J. Stubbs, and award-winning African poets Athol Williams and Rethabile Masilo. We recently published stunning debut collections by British-Indian poet Nisha Bhakoo and Helen Fletcher from Carlisle.

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We work hard to make our books beautiful and most are illustrated. Mathew Staunton has contributed black and white linocuts, drawings and collages to many of our publications while Jeff Grimal has recently illustrated Le Livre du venin, a collection of Lovecraftian pastiches by Panu Petteri Höglund and S. Albert Kivinen. Leïla Chaix recently designed and illustrated Moe Seager’s I Wanna Make Jazz to You and Alice Durand-Wietzel produced beautiful illustrations in colour for our first children’s book The Lost Library Book.

We publish in a variety of languages including Irish, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, French, Japanese and English, and have included poems in Sesotho, Hindi, Afrikaans and Italian in our political anthologies to kingdom come and for the children of Gaza.

On 1 February 2017 we launched our South Asia Series with a haiku collection by Janak Sapkota (Nepal) and a poetry collection by Waqas Khwaja (Pakistan/US). Other books in this series will include a new collection by Abhay K. (India) and an anthology of Indian poetry edited by Abhay K. and Gabriel Rosenstock.


If you are a writer and would like us to consider a manuscript for publication, please send it to onslaughtpress at gmail dot com. We will not waste paper printing it up until it is necessary and there’s no need for you to either.

All manuscripts submitted will be treated as confidential.

We have a fairly straightforward editorial policy. All manuscripts will be sent out to 3 members of our editorial committee for blind peer review and feedback before we commit to a project. If our readers are satisfied that the project merits publication, we will work closely with the writer to edit the text into the best possible book.


Our current editorial committee:


Mathew Staunton, editor

Amanda Bell, award-winning poet (English-language poetry and haiku)

Nisha Bhakoo,  (English-language poetry)

Rethabile Masilo, award-winning poet (English-language poetry)

Tadhg Ó Caoinleáin (Irish- and English-language poetry)

Gabriel Rosenstock, award-winning poet (Irish- and English-language poetry and haiku)

Athol Williams, award-winning poet (English-language poetry)