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British-Indian poet Nisha Bhakoo has been published widely in literary magazines (ink, sweat & tears, The Cadaverine Magazine, 3:AM Magazine, Morphrog, Poems in Which) and anthologies, and given readings internationally, including at BAFTA and the Ledbury Poetry Festival. She was shortlisted for Cambridge University’s Jane Martin Poetry Prize, and awarded third prize in the Ledbury Poetry Competition for her poem ‘Five Throats’ in 2015:


Five Throats

She owned five throats and had something stuck in each of them.

She is imperfect and it breaks me.

Sitting there stoned and cold, looking for luck and distraction,

she cleared her five throats simultaneously,

harmonising with herself.

Sound creeping on to my shoulders like a winter scarf.

The edgeless street, no longer shy at night

no longer artless in heartbreak.

I am imperfect and it breaks me.

No overdrawn lips, pure throat, just throat

with an evening scent of rain on the canal.

She could slice bread with those high notes.

I could slice bread with my thoughts.

She got lost in her music, shutting the mind off at intervals.

Her song whistling along the wet concrete in yeahness.

Notes rolling boldly like teenage eyes.

Heart in each note. Heart in all five throats.


She was also selected for the GlogauAIR artist residency in Berlin. Her poetry films and collages have been exhibited in both the UK and Germany, and she had a solo exhibition at Rich Mix, London, in winter 2015.

in 2016 Onslaught published her superb debut collection You Found a Beating Heart. Raw, sensuous, uncanny, experimental, feminist, and transgressive, this is utterly modern poetry that startles and disturbs, inviting us to think and re-think, and explore our own inner worlds:


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