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Goa: A Garland of Poems—Edited by Rochelle Potkar


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A stunning and timely anthology of the best of Goan poetry in English and English translation with Irish transcreations in Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock, including both favourite and almost-forgotten poems from the past and present. Rochelle Potkar has established a new Goan canon for the 21st century.

Many of the poems in this volume put the modern-day reader in mind of the art of the troubadour and the ancient bardic poetry of the wandering Celts. The multi-coloured flower that is Goa—and its diverse philosophical and aesthetic traditions—springs forth again in all its glory. The art of poetry itself has taken an exciting turn here on its endless quest courtesy of the sonorous and striking transcreations in Irish by Ireland’s Gabriel Rosenstock. The poem has blossomed within a new incarnation. Saints, sages and sinners, they are all here in abundance. A rich and sensuous silence suffuses these poems—amid much clamour!—a silence that is rooted in ancient light and history.

Dr. Mícheál Ó hAodha
University of Limerick, Ireland

Rochelle Potkar and Gabriel Rosenstock, themselves both poets and writers, have taken on this great challenge of bringing Goan poetry within the covers of a single book in English and in Irish translation; reviving memories of the poets one has read and loved over the past half century or so, while taking one back to the ones who have a fading presence on the brittle, yellowed pages of time. This is an Anthology that
explores ‘ways of belonging’ (in the words of Eunice de Souza) juxtaposed with the many distances they cover, in a community which carries within it multiple languages, diverse cultures and crisscrossing identities—both within the boundaries of this unique, little seaside state and in the people who have taken their bit of Goa with them into the interiors of India, and beyond.

Charanjeet Kaur
Former Chief Editor of Muse India
& Associate Director—SPARROW (Sound & Picture ARchives for Research On Women)








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