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By Gabriel Rosenstock and Karl Waldmann

Judgement Day


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A lavish edition of 94 ekphrastic haiku and senryu in Irish and English by haiku master Gabriel Rosenstock responding to full-colour collages by Karl Waldmann

Judgement Day is Gabriel Rosenstock’s “latest reckoning of who and what we are between the shoals of eternal good and historical evil, vision and blindness.  His lantern is a bright one and illuminates vast, evolving worlds of mind, matter and choice, within a cosmology where anything appears and proves to be possible. The dark rubble, tossed forms, and dissociation of Karl Waldmann’s collage art, give to each of Rosenstock’s poems a setting of tactile grit that singes the imagination”.

Michael McClintock, recipient of the Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone 2015 prize for haiku


Gabriel Rosenstock’s Judgement Day is a collection of ekphrastic haiku in English and Irish in response to the collages of Karl Waldmann, a German Dadaist, now thought to be fictitious, whose anti-Nazi works appeared suddenly from behind the iron curtain after the reunification of Germany and drew a storm of attention from the art world. In this offering, Rosenstock continues to be foremost practitioner of ekphrastic haiku writing in English today. He also shows how ekphrastic haiku in book length format can move beyond the arena of one-off, lyrical responses to individual works of art to include autobiographical dimensions and themes of wider social concern, such as the re-emergence of right wing nationalism in many western countries today. So, a book of ekphrastic haiku with social relevance, consciously composed in response to one of the most ingenious art hoaxes of the 20th century! Something quite Zen going on here!

In his Afterword, Rosenstock reveals that his father was a young soldier in the armed forces of the Third Reich and as a consequence his response to the stark and thematically disturbing collages made by the enigma, Karl Waldmann, is a confrontation with aspects of his personal history.

Garry Eaton, The Haiku Foundation

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Publication Date:

7 September 2016


Irish & English