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Mandible—by Ingrid Casey


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Ingrid Casey’s debut poetry collection is visceral, imaginative and sometimes surreal. It charts a tale of a failed relationship and more using mythology, legend and strong images. An effervescent book, brimming over with novel thoughts and points of view, held together by an upbeat, pleasing music all the way through.

In Mandible, Ingrid Casey weaves centuries of human experience into poems of now, she approaches the complicated struggles of motherhood and the modern family by giving voice to experiences with beauty and integrity. This is a gritty collection and real people are encountered time and again; then offset by stirring musicality in language and form. Apologies come and go and the quest for escape is evident in the lilting dreams that cushion us. Casey’s dreaming gives rise to her beautiful songs and you will return to them over and over again.

Elaine Feeney, poet and educator

Ingrid Casey’s voice is a vital addition to Irish poetry, reveling in the elasticity and energy of language. Rather than simply reclaim figures such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Gilgamesh’s sister and Molly Bloom, she rewires them, electrifies them into being. Sensitively attuned to the complexities of human emotion, this collection addresses the sundering of relationships and the possibility of renewal. In a tired world, Casey finds flashes of brilliance, where traffic-island Rasputins vie for attention with a newly sentient Anna Livia statue and a woman transformed into a peregrine falcon; a motley crew visible only to ‘strangers and underdogs’, who charge us with the revelation that ‘reality is/ the thing we dream into being and truth is a light in the navel’.

Jessica Traynor, poet and dramaturg

Casey’s poems are by turns languid and passionate, often commencing in a hazy revery before reaching a moment of startling clarity and revelation. In describing the post-Celtic Tiger years in such a personal, idiosyncratic style, Casey is nevertheless not afraid to evoke the spirts of Joyce and Yeats and to use them for her own, passionately feminist ends. As such Mandible is a work for our times: the intensely personal, intrinsically political work of a lavishly accomplished new poet.

Dr. John Lavin, editor, The Lonely Crowd