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The Lost Library Book—by Amanda Bell & Alice Durand-Wietzel


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An intriguing true story—where a book is the main character! Charmingly told.” Siobhán Parkinson. Children’s writer & former Laureate na nÓg
The remarkable true story of a forgotten library book that was returned to Marsh’s Library after 100 years. Written with elegance and grace, it’s a fascinating tale for book lovers young and old.” Sarah Webb. Award-winning writer & Children’s Curator of the Mountains to the Sea Book Festival


From the preface:

If you’re not paying attention, it is very easy to walk past the entrance to Marsh’s Library, a narrow metal gate in the high stone wall which surrounds the building. This place of quiet in the middle of the busy city of Dublin is crammed full of rare and ancient books.

Marsh’s has remained unchanged since it first opened more than 300 years ago, and that is one of the reasons why people come from all over the world to read here. Some of our visitors have been famous, but most have been ordinary people who, like you, happen to love extraordinary books.

The book you are holding in your hands tells the true story of a man who walked in to Marsh’s on a bright but cold day in 2012. Under his right arm (I remember it very clearly!) he carried something wrapped up in an old newspaper. “I found this in a junk shop. I think it might belong here,” he said. And it did. A very, very old book had come back home after a long absence from its proper place on the shelf.

Jason McElligott, The Keeper, Marsh’s Library, Dublin














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