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This collection explores nature and language with poems which are rich in strange metaphors. There is a sense of magic in the ordinary, suggesting that the possibility of shape-shifting is never far away. This collection explores nature, childhood, ageing, love and loss with a sense of resilience and wonder.


The Wounded Stork speaks of resilience, the capacity of broken things to endure. There is an unsettling, almost Lynchian feel to Gorman’s work, where the everyday is disturbed by a strangeness glimpsed at the corner of the eye, and encounters with the natural world are anything but benign. Shape-shifting poems where totemic birds and animal familiars, teachers and harbingers, dart between the ordinary world and the realms of myth and magic; where a morning swim, a photograph, an acorn, are all carried along on a dark undertow of loss and transformed—rich, earthy poems that tantalise and bewitch.

—Angela T. Carr, author of How To Lose Your home & Save Your Life.

The exquisite strangeness in Jackie Gorman’s poems evokes an earthy, fragrant and often wounded shape-shifter that steps, poem to poem, as a musing on loss. Gorman’s gift is that her writing possesses such grace and certainty, that one will gladly look on the dark deep silence where/we dream ourselves human.

—Eleanor Hooker, author of A Tug of Blue and The Shadow owner’s Companion.

With this assured and remarkable debut, Jackie Gorman has added a powerful new voice to Irish literature.

—Kerrie O’Brien, author of Illuminate.