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You Found a Beating Heart—by Nisha Bhakoo


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You Found a Beating Heart is Nisha Bhakoo’s debut poetry collection. She views the heart from an uncanny perspective in these experimental, feminist poems. The rawness of her poetry is achieved largely through a free writing approach, which translates emotional excess into something that is both spiky and dream-like, both confessional and allusive.

Some early praise for the book:

Raw lucid dreams. Perhaps a hint of onion. If you haven’t had any raw lucid dreams of late, this volume will precipitate a few—fruit fly copulation, stars coming out for the very last time, potatoes in the microwave singing themselves to death. Or how about, ‘She owned five throats and had something stuck in each of them’. Raw lucid multi-voiced, multi-flavoured dreams and when you wake up you’ll be very glad you have this book beside you; you’ll want to read it again, just in case you were dreaming.

Gabriel Rosenstock

[R]eally fresh and heartfelt but also impressively considered. I like the way the book is structured too and I think it belies the myth that millennials are more hardened to matters of the heart—there is a lot of heart here.

Julia Bell

You Found a Beating Heart is an exultation and an undercutting of beauty, human purity and self-sufficiency. I’m not the same as I was before I read it. The book is an invitation to investigate what we really think and it allows the reader to learn by offering heady, transgressive and searching poems. These are highly original poems which chart how people use themselves and others and what that means.

Helen Fletcher

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Publication Date:

7 September 2016